Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bigger than....

I was doing a random search the other day, and while looking up 'Ithaqua' for a particular image, I happened upon designs for a pellet gun, made from designs for a gun from a particular anime that goes by the name 'Deus Ex Machina : Demonbane" or "Demonbane : Cry of the Mechanical God".

So I pulled up a few eps from youtube about it, and saw there was a hella LOT of HPL-themed name-dropping and stuff. XD I'm thrilled beyond belief. I mean, a combination of my TWO favorite things; an anime with big mecha, great characters, and cute gals, AND HPL based materials!

Just some of the names dropped in the first ep:

Doctor West (aka Dr. Herbert West, unfortunate star of "Herbert West, Reanimator") Apparently he's a slightly psychotic goofball with a rocket-launching guitar case, in the anime.

Al Azif (another name for the Necronomicon) A girl who is apparently a Grimoire written by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab. The female lead of the series

"Nya" (short form for Nyarlathotep) A mysterious 'shopkeeper', who had a little trouble choosing a name that the main guy would NOT recognize. Being that she literally would have 1000 names, she had many to choose from. So, she chose 'Nya' as a short for 'Nyarlathotep', the Crawling Chaos.

Arkham city. In the anime, it's a foggy, almost 1930s-ish town on the seaside, rather pleasant in the day, but overrun with the mob (Black Lodge) during the night. Very neat to see that town in an actual physical form. (till now it's only been in my imagination)

Ithaqua and Cthugha : the iconic "Ice" and "Fire" Old Ones, they are now a pistol that's weilded. A warning about the pistol states that sometimes the terrible strength of Cthugha may be produced from it, causing massive damage.

And now, the lead guy has been turned into a long-haired, black garbed Magius that can manipulate the structure of his clothing and armour into.. well, anything I suppose. He has a single, all-red eye. The combination of the shape-shifting, and the 'blighted eye', makes me think he's supposed to be the 'Unnameable' thing from the story of the same name.

Deus Machina Aeon. I can only assume 'Aeon' is like that couplet from Al Azif 'That which is not dead can eternal lie/and over stranger aeons even Death my die".

If I can guess what it is that Dr. West is piloting... based on its design which is spider-like... I'd have to say it's Atlach-Nacha. But he calls it some damned thing like "Doctor West (something something) Special Number 28!" *shrug*

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, and something named 'Cthulhu' to pop up.