Friday, December 24, 2004

Day Before Christmas...

... And in my room nothing stirred. Typical. Another wasted Xmas opportunity.... (opportunity, my ass.)

been reading Erich Von Daniken lately, so I'd like to just put a bit of a book of his here, that struck me, considering how much knowledge has been lost over the millennia, and how no one realizes it but a scant few.

"What became of the library of the temple at Jerusalem? What became of the library of Pergamon, which was supposed to have housed 200,000 works? When the Chinese Emperor Chi-Huang ordered the destruction of a mass of historical, astronomical, and philosophical books for political reasons in 214 BC, what treasures and secrets went with them? How many texts did the converted Paul cause to be destroyed at Ephesus? And we cannot even imagine the enormous wealth of literature about all the branches of knowledge that have been lost to us owing to religious fanatacism [sic]. How many thousands of irretrievable writings did monks and missionaries burn in South America in their blind religious zeal?"

(excerpt from "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erich Von Daniken, page 69, line 23, all rights reserved)

I think of these things, and despair, at the loss of knowledge. What if a cure for cancer, or the designs for a superior form of energy had been in one of those destroyed scrolls? What if some knowledge from higher up had been there, and had been lost, all because someone declared "These are against our God, and therefore are work of the Devil. We must purge them"? It sickens me.

Anyway, have a great Xmas, all who read this. I'll be trying.


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