Monday, December 26, 2005

Let's Talk Xmas Haul!

Alrighty! Time for that time of year most people (forbidding those annoying PC people who prefer to relegate religious holidays ENTIRELY under the banner of a grotesque 'Happy Holidays' namby-pamby bullshit!), to celebrate Xmas, pretend to care about their fellow man or woman, and just be plain GREEDY! And as such, I'm compiling a list of the shit I got this year! (first time for everything)

*ahem* I've divided these up into their respective categories. :D

Money : Plain and simple, this is cash you get from relatives who think you're too old or too exceedingly eccentric/difficult to buy for, and so throw the contents of their wallets into a card as a way of a pseudo gift. Not that I'm complaining! :D

- $30 from Grandparents (Dad's side)
- $50 from Grandparent (Mom's side)
-$50 from rich engineer uncle (Hehe...)
-Futureshop Gift Card for $30 (booyah!)
- West Ed Mall gift card (good in all stores, but functions like a reverse VISA. Gotta use that bugger FAST!)

Stuff I Wanted : Stuff I wanted, whether it was on my list or not. Hell, some of it I didn't KNOW I wanted, till I got it!
- Cards from friends (Ironically. It felt kinda special to get an Xmas card from a few new friends. :) )
- FireFly complete series set (BOOYAH! Just need Serenity!)
- Family Guy Volume 3: Season 2 (Cool. Now I can cross watching most of Teletoon at night, off my list)
- Twilight Zone set, volume 1-5 (Just plain neat. No idea that William Shatner was in the original "Terror at 20,000 feet" ep!)
- Cloth blanket (I wanted this for my arms and legs whilst I sit here on this here comp, in the basement)
- Slippers (Needed a new pair. The old pair kinda... decayed faster than a body in lye. >_> )
- New sheets, comforter, etc, for bed (Nuff said.)

Stuff I NEEDED: Stuff that I didn't know I needed, but as they were somewhat neccessities, I did.
-New two-part Pjs. Nice and loose, and comfortable. (It's one of those pants-with-button-shirt things. They work well for winter)
- Roadside Emergency Kit (For my new ve-hi-CAL! Hehe.. needed something in case I get a flat, or stuck in the cold somewhere. Damned thing's pretty well equipped!)
- Glove compartment organizer (Sorta need it. Need a place to put maps, and such.)
- Facial cleanser. (HAR HAR. Very funny, people. My face is NOT that bad. In fact, it's improved drastically. But I welcome the cool, stinging mint feel of the astringent.)

Near as I can tell, that's what I got this Xmas, save for assorted little gude-an-plenty from the stocking, etc.

OH yeah! I'm going to start a new job as a CSA at the airport! (It's unfortunately a Red-Eye-flight deal... hours ranging from 10PM to 4AM, and all inbetween, but the money kicks ass, and I can still be online at night, and such! So not SO bad!)

This last week has been... well, great, really. :D


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