Friday, October 15, 2004

Back home...

I've been home for about a week or two.... Not that bad, really.

I still have my comp. My room is set up nicely. Now if I could get a girl, and the net guy would come and hook my comp up like he was supposed to today (he forgot his LADDER)... i'd be almost happy.

Dunno much else to tell....working on stuff... both online and off. I have MUCH to deal with before I find my peace. Peace of mind and peace of soul, and peace of body. (actually I'll settle for Piece of Body, if it's from a female body. >:D if ya catch my drift. That'd give me both peace of mind and soul. XD)

Friday, October 01, 2004

So I have $500....

...of non-refundable, non-reimbursible store credit with a local PC company. Seems that, before I got this comp, when I went to THEM, when they ran my Visa through the machine, it went through. But because I couldn't get a computer, it went into a sort of 'store credit' thing. So they won't allow me to revoke the store credit, to get my $500 refunded.

And my Visa is now overdrawn over its $500 limit.

So I'm thinking of temporarily opening shop on a sort of mini E-bay kinda thing. I have $500 in credit to use up on computer parts and software. Anyone who wants some stuff should send me their mailing address, and the name and/or designation of the part they need (you know, like NX-B9887-2 Speakers or someshit), I find out what that part would cost here, and include 'sender's fee'... and then provided I get the payment, I send the part.

I have my honour, so as long as I can see the cash or cheque, you can be assured the part would be on its way in a 'fragile' marked box. But smartasses that think they can screw me over need-not even speak to me; UNLESS I see the money before sending... no part will be sent.

I'm also arranging this with (hopefully) some of my more software/hardware hungry friends. I need to pay off my Visa quickly, or it's gonna trash my credit rating permanently.

So. Do I have any takers? Remember to include your email address so I can get in contact privately with you.

I'll be exercising extreme caution and paranoia when it comes to this, and those I deem 'of ill-repute'... ie: those who are most likely not to pay me.... will not get their part. So be honest with me. No lies.