Friday, October 01, 2004

So I have $500....

...of non-refundable, non-reimbursible store credit with a local PC company. Seems that, before I got this comp, when I went to THEM, when they ran my Visa through the machine, it went through. But because I couldn't get a computer, it went into a sort of 'store credit' thing. So they won't allow me to revoke the store credit, to get my $500 refunded.

And my Visa is now overdrawn over its $500 limit.

So I'm thinking of temporarily opening shop on a sort of mini E-bay kinda thing. I have $500 in credit to use up on computer parts and software. Anyone who wants some stuff should send me their mailing address, and the name and/or designation of the part they need (you know, like NX-B9887-2 Speakers or someshit), I find out what that part would cost here, and include 'sender's fee'... and then provided I get the payment, I send the part.

I have my honour, so as long as I can see the cash or cheque, you can be assured the part would be on its way in a 'fragile' marked box. But smartasses that think they can screw me over need-not even speak to me; UNLESS I see the money before sending... no part will be sent.

I'm also arranging this with (hopefully) some of my more software/hardware hungry friends. I need to pay off my Visa quickly, or it's gonna trash my credit rating permanently.

So. Do I have any takers? Remember to include your email address so I can get in contact privately with you.

I'll be exercising extreme caution and paranoia when it comes to this, and those I deem 'of ill-repute'... ie: those who are most likely not to pay me.... will not get their part. So be honest with me. No lies.


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