Sunday, August 21, 2005

Reconstruction and Revival

Lately, I've been organizing my files and such, and removing things I did not need, or could store elsewhere. In the process, I luckily rediscovered an old copy of my original BoF Kaleb fic that I once submitted to the Windia RPG, a very long time ago. It was in a format my comp could no longer read (Corel Wordperfect Suite), so I had to wait ages to have a friend translate the files into MS Word form.

Now, I have restored those files to the website, in the Stories section (follow the "I'm Hungry" link on the main page.) Outside of that, I've been debating on whether to revive a slightly newer but still equally stalled fic that was Digimon fan-based. Only difficulty is, for the fan-created Digimon in question, I lack ANY transformations, and names. It's something I should really look into.

I've also recently had two fics put up on another site, in the forums there, and have gotten a few good reviews. Those two fics will be featured in a 'con-only produced storybook, which I'm proud to have fics in. Oh yeah, and my parents are now divorced. *shrug* Like we didn't see that coming from a mile away...

I had to redo this post, as some asshole put an AD in a comment.


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