Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thanksgiving fun

Well, let's see.. what am I thankful for this year?

1: I'm thankful for my new car, which I am currently driving. It's a beauty alright. Nice little "Infernal Red" Dodge SX 2.0 . With cruise control, A/C and heat, and a spoiler. Sure, it'll take me seven years to pay it all off, but hey.. it's MINE.

2: Disturbed came out with their incredible "Ten Thousand Fists" CD. Listening to the first song always will send a shiver down my spine. The thought of looking outside and seeing Ten Thousand people standing in the streets, looking one direction (hopefully not at ME), with one fist raised in defiance to whatever is in that direction... Not to mention that the cover of the CD brought back that "Sickness Smilie" as I call it, from their first CD. Hehe.. "TTF" even has a tribute song to Genesis, in the form of a reworked Genesis song by the name of "Land of Confusion". Kick ass song, seriously.

I strongly encourage you to GET this CD. You won't regret it, if you're a Disturbed fan, even by association. It's worth the money you'll pay for it. (I got it cheap on release-day, so... Ha!)

3: Managed to get my classic SNES replaced, after the A/V cord connection point on the SNES itself gave out to fatigue, and the RF Adaptor decided to not work again. Never really knew how much I'd miss the SNES till I realized I couldn't play my old games, like Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid (god, that'd be a shame to lose that one). Also found out that the Legend of Zelda : Link to the Past cartridge I bought, I should have inspected more thoroughly; some bastard dropped it in a puddle of pop or something, so the connectors are all corroded/gunky. Oh well... That's the way things go.

4: I'm thankful that I 'ran into' Syn. It's quite the shame I'll never meet her personally, but I'm happy for what I have in that. Won't stop my efforts here, in any case, but she gives me solace, company, and entertainment, in the ways I so very much desire. Again, a shame; were we to meet, I wonder just how compatible we might be?.... Ah, vagrant thoughts. XD gotta keep THOSE under wraps.

I'm also thankful to Kachine, for introducing us, albeit in a very unsubtle way. ;) Unsubtle, but her heart was in the right place, certainly.

5: I'm thankful to Roochak and RedStaR99 (Erik), for letting me use their characters in some of my stories, and I only hope my muse comes back to me soon, so I can show them how thankful I am. And I'm thankful to Antonio for granting me all those lovely pics of Tige Lei, and I hope to have the fic related to her finished for his viewing. Again, when my muse returns to me.

6: I'm quite thankful to Selina, for letting me write up some of the things we've talked about. Someday, I might show them to people, but not till I'm done writing them. And I'm thankful to Cara, for letting me borrow Arryl... *chuckle* well, borrow isn't the word, since she requested me to do a fic of Arryl. *grins* Some day, Cara, I'll be completely done it. For now, though, it looks like a junkheap of ideas to sort through for the gems to use.

7: I'm quite thankful for the kind responses to emails I've gotten from a number of professional artists. I know it takes a lot of time to read through all the fanmail, and answer each one or answer the ones that are of quality. So I'm glad I was in the 'good' pile. While I might wish that I knew them more on a friend-basis than on a 'fan talking to artist' basis, I'll have to settle for it. Just hope they know I hold their art in high regard, and as inspiration.

Wow. I didn't think I could come up with a list THIS long... O.o I might be able to add three more by the time TG rolls by (Canadian here, so we got ours for this long-weekend. XD HA! I get to have TG Turkey like, a month ahead of other people! LoL)

Nothing new other than that. Well, 'cept for like, my sis buying me my good friend Smirnoff as a kind gesture. LoL.