Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bigger than....

I was doing a random search the other day, and while looking up 'Ithaqua' for a particular image, I happened upon designs for a pellet gun, made from designs for a gun from a particular anime that goes by the name 'Deus Ex Machina : Demonbane" or "Demonbane : Cry of the Mechanical God".

So I pulled up a few eps from youtube about it, and saw there was a hella LOT of HPL-themed name-dropping and stuff. XD I'm thrilled beyond belief. I mean, a combination of my TWO favorite things; an anime with big mecha, great characters, and cute gals, AND HPL based materials!

Just some of the names dropped in the first ep:

Doctor West (aka Dr. Herbert West, unfortunate star of "Herbert West, Reanimator") Apparently he's a slightly psychotic goofball with a rocket-launching guitar case, in the anime.

Al Azif (another name for the Necronomicon) A girl who is apparently a Grimoire written by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab. The female lead of the series

"Nya" (short form for Nyarlathotep) A mysterious 'shopkeeper', who had a little trouble choosing a name that the main guy would NOT recognize. Being that she literally would have 1000 names, she had many to choose from. So, she chose 'Nya' as a short for 'Nyarlathotep', the Crawling Chaos.

Arkham city. In the anime, it's a foggy, almost 1930s-ish town on the seaside, rather pleasant in the day, but overrun with the mob (Black Lodge) during the night. Very neat to see that town in an actual physical form. (till now it's only been in my imagination)

Ithaqua and Cthugha : the iconic "Ice" and "Fire" Old Ones, they are now a pistol that's weilded. A warning about the pistol states that sometimes the terrible strength of Cthugha may be produced from it, causing massive damage.

And now, the lead guy has been turned into a long-haired, black garbed Magius that can manipulate the structure of his clothing and armour into.. well, anything I suppose. He has a single, all-red eye. The combination of the shape-shifting, and the 'blighted eye', makes me think he's supposed to be the 'Unnameable' thing from the story of the same name.

Deus Machina Aeon. I can only assume 'Aeon' is like that couplet from Al Azif 'That which is not dead can eternal lie/and over stranger aeons even Death my die".

If I can guess what it is that Dr. West is piloting... based on its design which is spider-like... I'd have to say it's Atlach-Nacha. But he calls it some damned thing like "Doctor West (something something) Special Number 28!" *shrug*

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, and something named 'Cthulhu' to pop up.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Let's Talk Xmas Haul!

Alrighty! Time for that time of year most people (forbidding those annoying PC people who prefer to relegate religious holidays ENTIRELY under the banner of a grotesque 'Happy Holidays' namby-pamby bullshit!), to celebrate Xmas, pretend to care about their fellow man or woman, and just be plain GREEDY! And as such, I'm compiling a list of the shit I got this year! (first time for everything)

*ahem* I've divided these up into their respective categories. :D

Money : Plain and simple, this is cash you get from relatives who think you're too old or too exceedingly eccentric/difficult to buy for, and so throw the contents of their wallets into a card as a way of a pseudo gift. Not that I'm complaining! :D

- $30 from Grandparents (Dad's side)
- $50 from Grandparent (Mom's side)
-$50 from rich engineer uncle (Hehe...)
-Futureshop Gift Card for $30 (booyah!)
- West Ed Mall gift card (good in all stores, but functions like a reverse VISA. Gotta use that bugger FAST!)

Stuff I Wanted : Stuff I wanted, whether it was on my list or not. Hell, some of it I didn't KNOW I wanted, till I got it!
- Cards from friends (Ironically. It felt kinda special to get an Xmas card from a few new friends. :) )
- FireFly complete series set (BOOYAH! Just need Serenity!)
- Family Guy Volume 3: Season 2 (Cool. Now I can cross watching most of Teletoon at night, off my list)
- Twilight Zone set, volume 1-5 (Just plain neat. No idea that William Shatner was in the original "Terror at 20,000 feet" ep!)
- Cloth blanket (I wanted this for my arms and legs whilst I sit here on this here comp, in the basement)
- Slippers (Needed a new pair. The old pair kinda... decayed faster than a body in lye. >_> )
- New sheets, comforter, etc, for bed (Nuff said.)

Stuff I NEEDED: Stuff that I didn't know I needed, but as they were somewhat neccessities, I did.
-New two-part Pjs. Nice and loose, and comfortable. (It's one of those pants-with-button-shirt things. They work well for winter)
- Roadside Emergency Kit (For my new ve-hi-CAL! Hehe.. needed something in case I get a flat, or stuck in the cold somewhere. Damned thing's pretty well equipped!)
- Glove compartment organizer (Sorta need it. Need a place to put maps, and such.)
- Facial cleanser. (HAR HAR. Very funny, people. My face is NOT that bad. In fact, it's improved drastically. But I welcome the cool, stinging mint feel of the astringent.)

Near as I can tell, that's what I got this Xmas, save for assorted little gude-an-plenty from the stocking, etc.

OH yeah! I'm going to start a new job as a CSA at the airport! (It's unfortunately a Red-Eye-flight deal... hours ranging from 10PM to 4AM, and all inbetween, but the money kicks ass, and I can still be online at night, and such! So not SO bad!)

This last week has been... well, great, really. :D

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thanksgiving fun

Well, let's see.. what am I thankful for this year?

1: I'm thankful for my new car, which I am currently driving. It's a beauty alright. Nice little "Infernal Red" Dodge SX 2.0 . With cruise control, A/C and heat, and a spoiler. Sure, it'll take me seven years to pay it all off, but hey.. it's MINE.

2: Disturbed came out with their incredible "Ten Thousand Fists" CD. Listening to the first song always will send a shiver down my spine. The thought of looking outside and seeing Ten Thousand people standing in the streets, looking one direction (hopefully not at ME), with one fist raised in defiance to whatever is in that direction... Not to mention that the cover of the CD brought back that "Sickness Smilie" as I call it, from their first CD. Hehe.. "TTF" even has a tribute song to Genesis, in the form of a reworked Genesis song by the name of "Land of Confusion". Kick ass song, seriously.

I strongly encourage you to GET this CD. You won't regret it, if you're a Disturbed fan, even by association. It's worth the money you'll pay for it. (I got it cheap on release-day, so... Ha!)

3: Managed to get my classic SNES replaced, after the A/V cord connection point on the SNES itself gave out to fatigue, and the RF Adaptor decided to not work again. Never really knew how much I'd miss the SNES till I realized I couldn't play my old games, like Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid (god, that'd be a shame to lose that one). Also found out that the Legend of Zelda : Link to the Past cartridge I bought, I should have inspected more thoroughly; some bastard dropped it in a puddle of pop or something, so the connectors are all corroded/gunky. Oh well... That's the way things go.

4: I'm thankful that I 'ran into' Syn. It's quite the shame I'll never meet her personally, but I'm happy for what I have in that. Won't stop my efforts here, in any case, but she gives me solace, company, and entertainment, in the ways I so very much desire. Again, a shame; were we to meet, I wonder just how compatible we might be?.... Ah, vagrant thoughts. XD gotta keep THOSE under wraps.

I'm also thankful to Kachine, for introducing us, albeit in a very unsubtle way. ;) Unsubtle, but her heart was in the right place, certainly.

5: I'm thankful to Roochak and RedStaR99 (Erik), for letting me use their characters in some of my stories, and I only hope my muse comes back to me soon, so I can show them how thankful I am. And I'm thankful to Antonio for granting me all those lovely pics of Tige Lei, and I hope to have the fic related to her finished for his viewing. Again, when my muse returns to me.

6: I'm quite thankful to Selina, for letting me write up some of the things we've talked about. Someday, I might show them to people, but not till I'm done writing them. And I'm thankful to Cara, for letting me borrow Arryl... *chuckle* well, borrow isn't the word, since she requested me to do a fic of Arryl. *grins* Some day, Cara, I'll be completely done it. For now, though, it looks like a junkheap of ideas to sort through for the gems to use.

7: I'm quite thankful for the kind responses to emails I've gotten from a number of professional artists. I know it takes a lot of time to read through all the fanmail, and answer each one or answer the ones that are of quality. So I'm glad I was in the 'good' pile. While I might wish that I knew them more on a friend-basis than on a 'fan talking to artist' basis, I'll have to settle for it. Just hope they know I hold their art in high regard, and as inspiration.

Wow. I didn't think I could come up with a list THIS long... O.o I might be able to add three more by the time TG rolls by (Canadian here, so we got ours for this long-weekend. XD HA! I get to have TG Turkey like, a month ahead of other people! LoL)

Nothing new other than that. Well, 'cept for like, my sis buying me my good friend Smirnoff as a kind gesture. LoL.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Reconstruction and Revival

Lately, I've been organizing my files and such, and removing things I did not need, or could store elsewhere. In the process, I luckily rediscovered an old copy of my original BoF Kaleb fic that I once submitted to the Windia RPG, a very long time ago. It was in a format my comp could no longer read (Corel Wordperfect Suite), so I had to wait ages to have a friend translate the files into MS Word form.

Now, I have restored those files to the website, in the Stories section (follow the "I'm Hungry" link on the main page.) Outside of that, I've been debating on whether to revive a slightly newer but still equally stalled fic that was Digimon fan-based. Only difficulty is, for the fan-created Digimon in question, I lack ANY transformations, and names. It's something I should really look into.

I've also recently had two fics put up on another site, in the forums there, and have gotten a few good reviews. Those two fics will be featured in a 'con-only produced storybook, which I'm proud to have fics in. Oh yeah, and my parents are now divorced. *shrug* Like we didn't see that coming from a mile away...

I had to redo this post, as some asshole put an AD in a comment.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Interesting turn of events.

Not all for the better, I'd think.

See, my dad was getting outta the shower tonight, when he got a searing, stabbing pain from the back of his head, all the way to the front. Had me take him immediately to the hospital. They doped him up but good, but it wasn't doing anything for the pain (he was YELLOW with pain, that's how bad it was. He looked Jaundiced). So they CAT scanned'm.

Seems that the old saying "Burst a blood vessel" really DOES apply to my dad. XP Nothing deadly, at least not for a while; if he'd left this 'headache' for a few days, yeah, he might be toast. But we got it when it started, so he's in the hospital right now. Next in line to be operated on.

The Doc said it was LIKE an Aneurysm, only not. Called it a "Subdermal Arachnoidal Hematoma" or something like that. Tomorrow they do the radioactive dye test to see if the leaking blood is veinal, or arterial in nature. If it's veinal, they can take a bit more time, and there's the good possibility it'll just stop on its own; with the drugs they have him on, it could work. If it's a minor artery that's leaking, they'll have to open him up soon, and seal the damage before it can turn into an outright BURST.

So for anyone that was wondering where I was between 10 PM and 3 AM, when I'm usually online.. I was ferrying people to and from hospitals. XP

Pathetic thing is, if this all turns out badly, it'll be one of the worst things that could happen; My dad is in debt a lot, and should he die, that debt would fall on me and my mom. We'd end up selling the house, pretty much everything else, etc, just to live. XP And since I'm between jobs with no leads and no hits, I'm REALLY up the creek.

Sometimes life is so damned incon-vein-ient. Pardon the pun.

I seem to be the only one who's taking this in stride though; there's the possibility my dad might die under the knife, or sooner or something, and I put only a small bit of worry towards it. My mother and sister on the other hand were beside themselves. Same for his parents and his sis. I was the only one of us all that was calm and collected.

Predictably, my mom and sis were angry that I couldn't share their imagined grief, but the fact remains; he's in the care of professionals and specialists, who will do all they can to keep him from dying. I need not worry unless he suddenly needs organic matter from me, like a Kidney, or a hunk of liver, or a lung. THEN I will worry. But for now, he's in good care, so I need not worry.

Just wish they could see it that way.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Day Before Christmas...

... And in my room nothing stirred. Typical. Another wasted Xmas opportunity.... (opportunity, my ass.)

been reading Erich Von Daniken lately, so I'd like to just put a bit of a book of his here, that struck me, considering how much knowledge has been lost over the millennia, and how no one realizes it but a scant few.

"What became of the library of the temple at Jerusalem? What became of the library of Pergamon, which was supposed to have housed 200,000 works? When the Chinese Emperor Chi-Huang ordered the destruction of a mass of historical, astronomical, and philosophical books for political reasons in 214 BC, what treasures and secrets went with them? How many texts did the converted Paul cause to be destroyed at Ephesus? And we cannot even imagine the enormous wealth of literature about all the branches of knowledge that have been lost to us owing to religious fanatacism [sic]. How many thousands of irretrievable writings did monks and missionaries burn in South America in their blind religious zeal?"

(excerpt from "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erich Von Daniken, page 69, line 23, all rights reserved)

I think of these things, and despair, at the loss of knowledge. What if a cure for cancer, or the designs for a superior form of energy had been in one of those destroyed scrolls? What if some knowledge from higher up had been there, and had been lost, all because someone declared "These are against our God, and therefore are work of the Devil. We must purge them"? It sickens me.

Anyway, have a great Xmas, all who read this. I'll be trying.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


To quote Chief Stevenson from "Fear Nothing" by Dean Koontz... "I'm in a mood here...A seriously ugly mood..."

I can't get a job, my parents are getting pissed at me about it... I can't buy Xmas gifts (or if I do, they have to be CHEAP cuz I have to conserve what I have).. everyone in my family is judged on the number, relative value, and SIZE of the gifts... I can't get higher ed till I get a loan, which means get a job.. I'm being torn two ways by my parents about it( "Get FULL TIME" my dad says, cuz he hates me, and "Get PART TIME" by my mom, who wants me to go to school), my sister just tapped them for $8000 bucks for her schooling (which ended recently, in her success, but she NEVER INTENDS TO USE HER DEGREE.. so it's a wasted $8000 she'll never have to pay back...)

I'm burning with pent up rage for no apparent reason... can't sleep, don't have any good games to burn it off in (like Warrior Within, which is as close to a physical rage-fight I can get into and still walk out in one piece)...I can't find the proper gift for my friend, because they don't seem to carry it anymore (they did at one time but not now)... I am waiting for a particular response from someone I'm doing a collab fic with, before I can continue....

And I'm sure this is just the first section of what I'm really feeling, so it's Tip-O-Da-ICEBERG with me right now. If you think you know what's pissing me off, chances are, you only know 1% of it. Can't even comprehend the next 20%... and the rest? Yeah right. I'd be declared insane or worse.

I'm just gonna go fume for no reason right now.