Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Moving and Transitions

Man... I haven't been online in three days.. I feel lonely now. Plus, last night, the cable modem decided to go and overheat itself and burnt out the part of itself that connected to the actual cable (it'd register the cable as attached, but you couldn't get a signal to or from it.), so I had to go trade in for the same model, same make, but working, modem.

I put a few new pics up on the Mecha page... Two of the new Ronin Designs. I apologize if the 'instructions' on how to build the mech are weird; I'm using Drawing Board software, and, while it's good, it doesn't give you a straight technical readout like you'd find in a book. If you try and use this mech, and it doesn't come out as 'legal', let me know; I'll send ya the real deal.

I finished painting the "Zig Zag Edition" Cauldron-Born battlemech pewter fig. LOL... I wish I'd had a webcam... it's freakin' sweet... LoL Now my collection includes:

A Wolf-Pack paint-schemed Canis Battlemech (goddamn the figure's heavy.)
A Jungle-camo-schemed Hellhound.
A "Kaleb Personal" schemed Vixen battlemech
and finally, the "Zig Zag edition" Cauldron-Born Battlemech. (I wish to god they made alternate versions, but they never did. Just the basic)

With each one I finish, my skill in painting increases tenfold.

I finished a few other projects, and got a few more projects added to me. Those involved know what they are.

My moving is almost complete... I have to move my furniture and bed soon. I hope to get the comp over there by the time I get the bed there; I don't exactly wanna be disconnected for long. >_> I feel more at home online than anywhere else these days...

That's about all for now. Life is a little hectic, and even on days that I work, I can't be expected to be online, on time. XP Hope people understand.

Also, for now, BoF2 is on hiatus. You all have NO idea how hard writing through Simafort is. XP Goddamned Frogs... Such a boring point in that game. XP


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