Saturday, August 21, 2004


Y'know, I really don't know what to say about this thing.... I mean.. it's only six eps long... Almost NOTHING of it makes sense... and when it DOES seem to make some sense,.... they toss in something that STILL makes no sense. :S

Near as I can tell, the entire series (except for the last few minutes of the last ep), occur within the kid's brain. Sort of.. a symbolism of the struggles a kid's gotta go through on his way to growing up. Typical GAINAX approach. They did the same thing with Eva. Only Eva made sense.

It's a shame though... For all the 'intimate' moments they showed, without nude and stuff (cuz there's no nude in it, other than an ass at one point), I would have thought Naota would have either been with his (now long absent) older brother's former GF (who liked giving him hickies, but was mildly unstable mentally), or that 'tough' girl at his school.. the one that was the daughter of the mayor. Though.. I suppose the ending DID leave that one open to thought; She WAS drinking his drink after all. LOL....And whenever a girl drank his drink, it seems it was sort of a sign she liked him.

... and naturally, they never explain what FLCL actually means. (I suspect though, that it's a shrouded reference to physical and mental maturity, in regards to sex. I could be wrong though. :P LoL... I think I'll have to watch the eps over again to find out for sure.)

Now.. if only I could find episodes 3- End for the Gunbuster series...


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